3 Things You Can Stop Today To See Your Team Grow

September is INCLUSIVE TEAMS month. Our goal for this month is to see an increase in the number of team members across all of the teams at Hope Valley. I am excited about this focus, because of how much I know it allows spiritual growth to flourish in the lives of volunteers.

So here are 3 keys to building STRONG, HEALTHY, GROWING and WINNING TEAMS!

1. Stop Inviting People to Church…

…and start including people in your team.

What we have learnt at Hope Valley is that an increase in attendance in not linked to an increase in invitations to attend church. But what we do see is that church attendance is directly linked to church engagement. The more people are included in teams, the more likely they are to turn up. People want to participate in something meaningful, something that makes a difference in peoples lives and something that gives them a sense of belonging and community.


2. Stop Saying A Persons ‘NO’ For Them…

…and start start believing people want to say ‘YES’.

People want to make a difference. People want to participate in a meaningful cause which is larger then their own lives. People want to find their place to belong in a community like church. People want to say ‘YES’!

By not asking people to jump in and have a go we make assumptions about people and remove their power to choose.

Even when people say no, they are almost always encouraged, blessed and flattered to be asked.

This week, have a go at inviting someone to jump into your team and serve with you.


3. Stop Typing Emails…

…and start tapping people on the shoulder.

We know our best volunteers are those we have tapped on the shoulder and invited to participate on teams. Top level team members are almost always recruited through a personal invitation….not an email, not a text message, not an announcement from the church platform, but a meaningful conversation over a coffee or at the very least over the phone.

At Hope Valley we have the following teams which are always looking for new team members to come on board and meet the growing needs of our church.

Valley Kids / Youth / Playtime / Touch Over Fifties / Call Team / Visitation Team / Hope Baskets / Music Team / Creative Academy / Special Events Team / Life Groups / College / Administration / Hospitality / Prayer Teams / The Front Room / Welcome Lounge Team / Catering /