Beyond Vision

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It was Saturday night 11th June last year, the weekend before this church’s 30th year celebration. I was lying in bed, reflecting on how miraculously this year was coming together. Our theme for 2016 was GROWING UP and we were about declare that from our 30th birthday weekend on we would move into a new season of maturity, strength and growth. We would rule a line under the past and move beyond where this church had ever been before.

It was on this night as I walk talking with God that he challenged me with one word, one word that is key to our vision statement, one word that would mark our church’s journey in 2017.


As the second half 0f 2016 unfolded I grew more and more unsure about having ‘BEYOND’ as our theme for 2017. From our 30th year celebration weekend, we have seen a year like no other. We grew numerically across every area of church, we reached, served and cared for more people than any previous year. We saw leadership and teams grow like never before and God brought us, miraculously, to the place where we were able to sign the contract for the purchase of this building. God was already doing more than we could ask or imagine.

My question to God was this: God, how do we go from a year of miraculous growth to a year that will go BEYOND where we have ever been before?! This key verse was the answer to that question.

Ephesians 3:20 NLT ‘Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.


Commence writing a 2040 strategic plan

We will have 2 strategic planning workshops scheduled for this year which will help us develop our masterplan for this specific site and our whole organizational strategic plan. And we are inviting experts in community engagement and development to come and assist us in this process.


This year we will begin to work towards reaching beyond the heart of the Cessnock local government area to other locations that we believe we could reach and serve with what we offer as a church.


Hope Valley Overseas Missions Support

Hope Valley currently support 2 missionaries families in Vietnam Paul and Deb Hilton and Kelvin and Rebecca Windsor who have 2 young children, Mirabelle and Eliezer. Paul and Deb’s son Josh Hilton and his wife and children moved to Vietnam in January.  They are working in the field with ACC World mission as well as planting a church. We would like to take our missions support BEYOND where it is at to now support those 3 families. This would increase our missions support from $3500/annum to $5200/annum.


Home For Good Campaign

This is a 12 month campaign to raise $1M for the purchase of LOT 124 Vincent St.


This year we have created a new layer of leadership to continue to make room for the growth of our teams both numerically and spiritually. Hope Valley will be organised around 5 areas of church life

  1. Connections (Sundays, Pastoral Care, Hospitality, Sisterhood, MATES)
  2. Creative (Creative Team, Creative Academy and Special Events)
  3. Leadership (Alpha, Life Groups, College)
  4. Families (Playtime, Valley Kids, Youth, YAG, TOFS)
  5. Business(Finance, Venue, Admin, Safer Churches)