Luke Main – Acts Week 2 – Power To Change Your World

If you could change 1 thing about your life…what would it be?    We learnt what ‘heaven on earth’ looks like:  A broken world finding salvation in Jesus. Making room for anyone to participate in life giving, Christ centered community. GROWING its capacity – for the sake of those who are weak, vulnerable and lost. Making financial and relational investments which build leadership and leave a […]

Luke Main – Acts Week 1 – Heaven on Earth

This passage from the book of Acts is an overview of its main themes. From this passage we can see that one overarching theme in the book of Acts is all about individuals, families and communities flourishing with Jesus as their King. The bible calls this theme, “The Kingdom of God” another way to describe […]

Rebecca Murray – Beyond It All

Haggai tells the story of the re-building of temple in Jerusalem by the returning Israelites after their exile in Babylon. They returned to the ruins ready to go, however, after 20 years the book of Haggai still finds the temple project not very far along from where it started. The prophet Haggai is sent to […]

Luke Main – 8 Signs You Are Building Beyond Pt 1

Nehemiah was a Jewish man who lived around 444BC and believed his life’s purpose was to lead his nation to rebuild the walls of his homeland’s capital city. In the time of Nehemiah the walls of a city were crucial for safety, security and stability. He and the Jewish nation were living in exile in Babylon […]